Testing During new product development cycle

The new product development is a long process and is critical for any company in any sector. Be it Engineering, appliances, automotive etc. The offering for a new product has to be unique and definitely superior in terms of performance, durability, life, maintenance etc than the competitor products in the market.

Therefore it has to start from competitor analysis with respect to performance, durability etc. It may also require designing specific tests as per field/usage requirement and development of special purpose machines/rigs.

Next is the finalization of materials and manufacturing process and development of prototypes based on QFD following all Quality methodology

It also may require working with vendors to take care of manufacturing process and related issues during the product development

The prototypes need to be tested for performance and durability as per the design validation plan based on the field/usage data to take care of extremes in product usage conditions in field and establish the reliability/durability of the product.

The same has to be done using CAE and physical validation tests subsequently. CAE is important to understand small changes in design to avoid more costly physical validation tests which can be done once the design is finalized.

Any failures during validation needs to be analyzed for the root cause analysis for materials/manufacturing/field conditions. The study is critical to take care and finalize corrective actions while product is still not commercially launched.

The cost/reliability/technology/weight targets need to be established before the launch of the project as ongoing exercise which ultimately matter to position our product with respect to the competitors.

Finally the product is launched which is lightweight, cost effective , improved technology and reliable/durable We at Materials Info Consultancy provide end to end support during your new product development in all these stages to meet the challenge of reduced product development time working alongwith you and your vendors. We also work for part development ( APQP), third party inspection and provide all testing support during the product development cycle for material, processes, CAE, performance and durability while tracking the cost and weight targets ensuring reliability and durability.

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