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Every idea, thought and concept is successful as long as it’s foundation and base is strong. Similarly, every manufacturing process or a manufactured product will be quality driven when the materials collected and used in production are of superior quality. Materials-info.com is one such company that believes in streamlined quality material collection that would maneuver towards a good manufacturing process resulting in an excellent product.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to strive to be a turnkey solution provider with the right eye who understands our customer issues and provides them with a solution with a greater efficiency, and one that minimises waste. We strive to constantly update ourselves with technology advancements so that informed decisions can be made that improve our client processes, which in turn contribute to the success of the company and its more rewarding growth in the future.

Quality Policy

Our commitment to quality in terms of understanding your needs for materials testing and product development support begins before the order is taken or before a new design is started. Our employees have been trained to understand the importance of cross-functional teams, where several points of view come together, thus developing a stronger idea.We even try bringing our suppliers and customers into this process to make sure every point of view is recognised.

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Material Selection

Selection of material for a particular application based on usage conditions, loads/stresses experienced during service, usage and suitability based on availability in required thickness and tolerance.

Materials Info

Materials Testing And New Product Development

Selection of specific manufacturing process depending on the end product requirement, material ,existing manufacturing facilities, product/part dimension and critical to quality attributes.


Failure Analysis

Failure investigation during manufacturing and while design validation and testing. This is required to establish the root cause of failure to identify the corrective actions.

failure analysis


Testing During new product development cycle

Testing During new product development cycle

Outsourcing your APQP/PPAP/Incoming inspection/Supplier audits

Outsourcing your APQP/PPAP/Incoming inspection/Supplier audits

A Designer’s Dilemma

A Designer’s Dilemma



Clutch Retainer Plate Failure

Failure Investigation of a clutch retainer plate and methodology for the failure and root cause analysis

Crown wheel and pinion failure

Methodology for root cause analysis of crown wheel and pinion failure of a commercial vehicle


Check out the lightweighting strategies in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle.

Test of conformance

This video details the aspects relating to the test of conformance for a product as well as process.

We strive to deliver material testing services and new product development services that exceeds the expectations of our customers.