Light Weighting

Light Weighting, also known as vehicle weight reduction or mass reduction, poses one of the greatest challenges to the automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers face tough requirements regarding vehicle weight reduction and its impact on fuel consumption, carbon dioxide (CO2) emission limits and manufacturing costs. 

The key to light Weighting is by using suitable materials and manufacturing processes. This can be a hybrid construction involving Aluminium and steel and e.g use of hot stamping for chassis and other parts to increase the strength, thus reducing weight.

The lightweighting starts right from the design stage where materials and manufacturing processes are finalized. In some cases it can also evolve from benchmarking with competitor samples to study the combination of materials , manufacturing processes and design.

We support lightweight designs working with clients right from materials and manufacturing process selection to durability testing, investigation of failures if any and finally validating the design which can be introduced into the production.