Failure Analysis

Failure analysis during manufacturing is vital to establish the main cause for failure and to identify the corrective actions. Any failures seen need to be investigated thoroughly to identify, whether the cause is due to design or due to manufacturing process.

It is seen that every product or process has modes of failure. As a result, an analysis of probable failures helps designers focus on and understand the impact of potential process or product risks and failures. To aid in this several systematic methodologies have been developed to quantify the effects and impacts of failures. Another question that arises is why perform failure analysis?


Below are the answers-

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Failure analysis in Product Development

  • Prevents product malfunctions
  • Insures product life
  • Prevents safety hazards while using the product.

Failure analysis in Process Development

  • Insures product quality
  • Achieves process reliability
  • Prevents customer dissatisfaction
  • Prevents safety or environmental hazards