In todays highly competitive market, there is little room for imperfection. Design validation and testing is crucial to getting it right the first time to speed up time to market, diminish prototyping costs, and improve overall quality of products.

Validation is the step where you actually build a version of the product, and would be done against the requirements as modified after verification. We understand that any product needs to be validated for design before its introduction in production and subsequently in field.

Also any design malfunction likely impacts the overall development lifecycle taking engineers back to the drawing board for necessary corrections besides of course affecting the cost involved for design iterations. 

To prevent this, some of our validation and test areas are:

  • Optimising product design to enhance performance, boost life time, and lessen weight and cost
  • Preventing field failures by identifying and resolving structural and design flaws early on
  • Adopting substitute materials to heighten quality, reduce cost of production, or augment the lifecycle of products.

Based on end customer usage and prevailing field conditions, we provide detailed design validation plan for validating the product, which ensures subsequent failure free running of product in the field.

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